When full Emancipation came in 1838 a system that had been tried and tested in the Caribbean since the sixteenth century came to an end. Slavery had within itself the seeds of its own destruction, whether because slaves resisted it (alternating with accommodation), or whether the emergence of a new style capitalism rendered slavery obsolete or incompatible with British industrial society, or whether the merging of philanthropy with evangelical religion helped to frame an ideology that was antagonistic to slavery.

Emancipation Jubilee


Yet, whatever the "international dimensions" of Emancipation, the reality was that within the Caribbean the planter class remained opposed to Emancipation, and only the reward of £20,000,000 in compensation for their lost "property" made surrender to the Colonial Office more palatable to them. So, too, did planter recognition that they were to prove victorious in one very important respect-the slave was legally free, but the structure of slave society remained unchanged. The energy of planters was now to be directed towards converting a former slave labour force into a permanent plantation labour force. From the perspective of planters, it was to be the same rider, on the same mule, cantering towards the same destiny.

The Seville Heritage Park Emancipation Jubilee is a major celebration organized to honor our Ancestors contributions towards the development of a free society that we all now proudly enjoy. This Jubilee will focus on drumming, traditional music, fashions and foods.

Learn more about the history of Emancipation here or visit the Jubilee http://www.jamaicaemancipationjubilee.com/

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